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Mr. Kearney, a Special Agent for the U.S. government, has served our nation on four continents furthering the cause of liberty and justice for the American people. Special Agent Kearney has taken multiple long term deployments into war zones in pursuit of our nation's enemies as well as international criminals.

Special Agent Kearney is a lifelong martial artist who sharpened his skills on the mean streets of a major metropolitan city. He then earned his first black belt while training with John Maynard in Wilmington. Special Agent Kearney is also a renowned weapons expert who specializes in firearms. His knowledge and experience in the world of firearms combatives places him in a unique category of firearms combatives instructors. From serving high risk search and arrest warrants in the U.S.A. and foreign lands, to training law enforcement officers across the globe, Special Agent Kearney brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Champion program. Special Agent Kearney is a 4th degree black belt in the Champion system. He also is a 1st degree black belt under world renowned Joe Lewis.


 Special Agent Kearney, through his job and contacts around the world, has had an opportunity to train with some of the world's foremost martial arts experts, to include:

Marc "Crafty Dog" Denney - Dog Brothers Martial Arts
Aris Makris - Laval, Canada (Spartan Pankration)
Pat Miletich - Former UFC Champion
Matt Hughes - Former UFC Champion
Jens Pulver - Former UFC Champion
Tom Sotis - Founder of the AMOK! martial arts system
Doug Esposito - Owner of the Vanguard gym, BJJ black belt and former U.S. Marine
Pedro Sauer - BJJ black belt and international instructor

Phillip is an adviser for

"On Point Sights" and Champion Martial Arts. 

Phillip kearney

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