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KickBox Fitness

Each class consists of roughly 12 to 15 rounds of cardio, boxing, kickboxing, abs and stretching. Starting with a light warm up, to get the muscles and body loosened up, the class moves onto some basic moves with a cardio theme to get the heart pumping. Then the intensity of the workout increases! The class advances to some heightened bag work, which peaks with a strong finish to the cardio portion of the workout. The cool down period consists of moderate bag work, an abdominal session and stretching to end the Kickbox Fitness class.

Class size and program may change or be altered depending on attendance, instructor, or weekly variances. This keeps each class different from the last one and keeps Kickbox Fitness workouts from being monotonous. 

Each certified instructor for Kickbox Fitness must pass an extensive exam. Rigorous standards of safety and emergency procedures are in place.

Personal Training

Make an appointment with one of our personal trainers for a free consultation!

Our trainers build a personal profile to suit your current abilities and will push you to further your potential!

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